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Police Staff Council FAQs

What is the status of the Police Staff Council (PSC) handbook?

The PSC handbook is a set of nationally agreed terms and conditions which applies to Police Staff working in England and Wales where forces have signed up to the National PSC agreement.

Which forces are covered by the PSC?

The PSC handbook covers all police staff in England and Wales with the exception of the Metropolitan police, British Transport Police, City of London police, Thames Valley Police, Kent police and Surrey police. These six forces are not part of the PSC due to previous arrangements. Kent and Surrey police were not part of the local government and therefore did not transfer their set of terms and conditions when the PSC was established. The Metropolitan and City of London police have maintained terms and conditions from the civil service.

Where can I locate the PSC pay spine?

The PSC pay spine is confirmed by a Joint Circular. The current pay spine is found in Joint Circular 112.

The basic pay of each employee shall consist of a single point or a scale of points selected from the national spine. Forces may adapt the pay spine to form local pay arrangements.

What are the current standby allowances?

The current standby allowance is £31.57 as of 1 September 2020.

Which groups are covered by continuous service?

For the purposes of contractual entitlements regarding annual leave, the occupational sickness scheme, parental leave, adoption leave and the occupational maternity scheme continuous previous service will include employment with:

  • PCC or predecessor
  • Scottish Joint Board
  • NCS
  • NCIS
  • SOCA
  • CENTREX (or predecessor)
  • PSNI (or predecessor)
  • non Home Office forces
  • the Metropolitan police.

What is the status of the job evaluation scheme?

The job evaluation scheme developed by the Council is set out in part 3 of the PSC handbook. The PSC 13-Factor Job Evaluation Scheme has been developed to comply with equal value principles and practices and to cover a wide range of police staff jobs. This scheme is recommended by the Council however this does not prevent forces from using an alternative scheme.