Employer standards health check

The Employer Standards Health Check survey is designed to better understand the experience of social workers, occupational therapists and non-registered social care professionals. Previous reports are also available to read on this page.

Employer Standards Health Check 2023/24

The 2023/24 summary report will soon be available to read. Over 160 organisations participated and we received over 15,000 responses. This year respondents were given a revised set of questions to reflect the current challenges faced by the social care workforce. We have been able to capture a more comprehensive understanding of social worker’s satisfaction and their experience of the employer standards.

Read the 2024 summary report

Employer Standards Health Check 2022 

140 organisations participated in the 2022 survey which received over 16,000 responses, an increase of 6,000 from the previous year. The health check was extended to include the voices of occupational therapists and non-registered social care professionals, answering the three key questions like in the previous surveys.  

Read the 2022 summary report

Social Work Health Check 2021

The purpose of the survey was to better understand the experience of social workers. This survey had 10090 responses and 147 organisations participated. It sought to answer three key questions including:

  • How well do employers deliver the refreshed Employer Standards?
  • How well do employees perceive their working environment?
  • What factors influence them to remain engaged with their work and minded to stay with their organisation?

Read the 2021 report

Social Work Health Check 2020

In 2020 the LGA launched the Social Work Health Check on behalf of the social work profession. The survey was intended to help support and deliver effective social work. It was a key element of the refreshed Standards for Employers of social workers. We know that carrying out an annual health check also meant that issues could be identified and addressed in the right way. It allowed social workers to feel that they are listened to, and that the employer is pro-active in tackling the issues that affect them at the front-line, especially during COVID-19 times.

The 2020 survey included COVID-19 specific questions to assess the wellbeing of social workers during the pandemic.

In total, 143 organisations took part and received bespoke results for their organisation.

Read the National Health Check report for 2020