Standard 7 - Professional registration

This standard is about supporting social workers to maintain their professional registration with the regulator.

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All employers should

  1. be familiar with Social Work England’s professional standards for safe and effective practice and understand a social worker’s regulatory requirements to maintain their professional registration
  2. recognise that carrying out and recording CPD is a condition of a social workers registration renewal with Social Work England
  3. support social workers in upholding the regulator’s professional standards, which are specialist to social work, ensuring effective CPD opportunities and supervision are provided
  4. take appropriate steps to inform the regulator, co-operate with investigations and hearings carried out by the regulator, and respond appropriately to its findings and decisions if there are concerns about an employee’s fitness to practise
  5. be clear about the circumstances in which social workers should be referred to the regulator, and when they shouldn’t
  6. promote and encourage ethical practice so that social workers have the support and confidence to challenge unsafe practice and report concerns, in accordance with professional standards.

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