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Time to talk day 2021

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) councillors share personal stories on the importance of having conversations about their mental health challenges.

“We all have those particular days where we don’t want to really get up. I’ve experienced those. I want to share my story to encourage people to talk about mental health” 

Cllr Nicholas Barlow, Dudley MBC

Time to talk day video

Mental health challenges are very common in the workplace. As part of Time to Talk Day on 4 February 2021, councillors from Dudley Council share their stories in a video about how their struggles with mental health have affected them, and how opening up, talking to friends, colleagues or professionals has made a big difference in how they feel. 

Although COVID-19 has allowed us to talk more openly than ever about anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges, having these conversations at work can still feel very difficult. By encouraging people to talk, employers can help their staff to overcome the persistence of stereotypes tied to mental health or feeling vulnerable by asking for help.

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“Mental health can be a very lonely place and talking about it helps.”

Cllr Laura Taylor, Dudley MBC