LGA response: Decarbonisation of transport - DfT call for ideas

LGA response to the Department of Transport (DfT) call for ideas on decarbonisation of transport.

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The LGA has spent the past year working with the University of Leeds on a series of decarbonisation briefings. We have highlighted seven different areas where councils can take action to decarbonise transport. We chose these areas after facilitated workshops exploring the ways councils can have greatest impact. This has resulted in briefing notes on the following topics:

  • Decarbonisation ambition and targets
  • The role of buses
  • Accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles
  • Climate Smart Parking Policies
  • Land Use, Localisation and Accessibility
  • Travelling less and the role of online opportunities
  • Growing Cycle Use

The full series of briefings will be published here in early September 2020.

We have included some of the key actions that our work highlighted below. They come from the key actions highlighted for both councils and the government in the briefs. We believe the ideas they contain are some of the simplest steps we can take to decarbonise transport at a local level and the DfT should support the ambitions of councils in these areas.

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