Building successful Healthwatch organisations

Sector-led improvement

Local authorities are responsible for commissioning Healthwatch and are embracing this challenge with increasing energy and enthusiasm. The case studies in this report are intended to provide a flavour of some of the good work and innovative practice-taking place. This report is intended to highlight some of the common threads and critical success factors we have drawn out of 15 case study areas.

Wherever possible we have focused on the vision, approach, good practice and innovation so we can disseminate the learning and experiences. The report seeks to assist local authority commissioners and their supporting stakeholders, to help them plan and implement robust and fit-for-purpose Healthwatch bodies by April 2013.

This report has been researched and written by the LGA and the recommendations and advice on key success ingredients are aimed primarily at local authorities. It is based on informed observations from emerging practice in 15 local Healthwatch case studies.

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© Local Government Association, April 2012
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