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A whole household approach to young people’s mental health: A ‘must know’ guide for local councillors

This guide sets out the vital information local leaders need to know about supporting young people’s mental health. A whole household approach to young people’s mental health recognises the important roles that parents, carers or siblings can play in supporting young people’s mental health.

COVID-19 Adult Safeguarding Insight Project - Second Report

COVID-19 Adult Safeguarding Insight Project - Second Report (July 2021)

This second report, completed in May 2021, provides information on safeguarding adults activity during the COVID-19 pandemic up to December 2020. It follows on from the first report which provided a picture of how safeguarding adults activity in England was affected by the initial stage of the pandemic and first lockdown, up until June 2020.

Leading healthier places 2021-22

Leading Healthier Places 2021/22 - Support for care and health leaders

Our range of leadership development events, workshops and publications will help you transform your local systems.

Applying behavioural insights to improve COVID vaccination uptake

Applying behavioural insights to improve COVID vaccination uptake: a guide for councils

This publication focuses on the work councils can undertake to improve vaccine uptake.

Image with illustration of group of four people with text the lives we want to lead

The lives we want to lead: where next for the debate about care and support reform?

The severity of the pandemic and the resultant upheaval and change in our daily lives since then has been staggering. Yet, while it may feel like everything has changed, some things have not.

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Public health annual report 2021: rising to the challenges of COVID-19

This report looks at what public health has helped to achieve and what could have been done better during COVID-19. It also looks to the future and the significant organisational changes ahead of us.

Localising decision making guide - COVER

Localising decision making: a guide to support effective working across neighbourhood, place and system

This guide has been produced by the LGA and NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) to provide key prompts and actions for local leaders to promote strong localised decision making across health and local government.

Loneliness and Covid

Loneliness, social isolation and COVID-19

The Local Government Association (LGA) and Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) have jointly produced this practical advice for Directors of Public Health and others leading the local response to the loneliness and social isolation issues arising from the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 Adult safeguarding insight project: findings and discussion cover

COVID-19 Adult safeguarding insight project: findings and discussion

This project was developed to create a national picture regarding safeguarding adults’ activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was considered important to understand what happened to learn any lessons for future COVID-19 outbreaks and respond to changing safeguarding needs. It is hoped the data collected could improve understanding of the impact of COVID-19 locally and nationally to help inform preparations and future planning.

Glass half full cover

A glass half-full: 10 years on review

The asset-based approach sees citizens and communities as co-producers of health and wellbeing; promotes community networks, relationships and friendships as a way of providing mutual help and support; and, most importantly, empowers communities to control their futures and create tangible resources for themselves.

Re-thinking local

The coronavirus pandemic has redefined how we all think about where and how we live.

Re-thinking local: full publication

Download the full publication.


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