A councillor's guide to the health system in England

Local government has a significant role to play in working with the NHS and other partners in improving health.

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This guide provides:

  • a quick introduction to the health and social care system since the reforms of 2012 for all councillors who do not lead on health issues
  • a brief outline of the purpose of the reforms and how they are intended to improve health
  • a description of the different parts of the health system, national, regional and local their interrelationships with each other and with social care and the wider role of local government
  • a discussion of the role and potential contribution of elected Members to health
  • ‘must knows’ for councillors with different roles and where they can get further information. The guide is not primarily intended for council leaders or health portfolio holders who will already have an extensive knowledge of the health and social care system.
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Local Government Association
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