A place to grow: supplementary document to 'Growing in the community'

This supplementary document, which should be read in conjunction with Growing in the community, the existing good practice guidance for allotment officers, is aimed at helping local authorities minimise the length of time an individual has to wait before getting a space to grow.

This document provides good practice guidance on how to make the most of existing allotment sites through good management of allotment portfolios, the relevant law and planning procedures concerning new allotment sites and lastly, what ‘meanwhile' gardening options exist for individuals to take advantage of, perhaps whilst waiting for a statutory allotment plot to become available.

Please note that although the authors and the publishers made every effort to ensure that the information in this publication was correct at the time of press, it is now several years old and the Local Government Association (LGA) can no longer guarantee its contents are correct and/or up-to-date.