Preliminary findings from the LGA Housing Commission

Building our homes, communities and future

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Local government shares the collective national ambition to build one million new homes that will only be achieved with strong national and local leadership working together, and which will be crucial during a period of economic uncertainty.

Investment in housing has significant wider benefits and our focus is beyond bricks and mortar. The right homes in the right areas enable people to live healthy and happy lives, build strong, inclusive communities and drive growth in ways that benefit all and prevent public service challenges and costs.

The Local Government Association (LGA) Housing Commission was established to put housing at the centre of our wider aspirations for people and places, supported by a panel of independent expert advisers who have been asked to challenge us and our partners, and to look at how we can be enabled to deliver.

This investigation is not seeking to provide all the answers or to cover all of the issues. Our aim is to look at where there are real opportunities, what councils are already doing, and how we can work with the Government and our partners to make change happen.

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