Sustainable Travel Survey Results

Results of a survey of local authority approaches to promoting sustainable travel, the barriers and facilitators driving investment, levels of spend, main sources of funding and partnership working in relation to sustainable travel.


The funding and policy landscape in which councils are able to promote modal shift has changed significantly in recent years. In order to explore these issues, the Local Government Association (LGA) invited all in councils England with responsibilities for transport planning and passenger transport (152 local authorities) to complete a short survey. The survey focused on:

  • The facilitators driving authorities to invest in sustainable travel.
  • Methods of promoting sustainable travel within local areas.
  • The estimated level of spending dedicated to sustainable travel within councils.
  • The main sources of funding for councils’ spending on sustainable travel.
  • Partnership working in relation to sustainable travel.
  • Any barriers stopping councils from doing more to invest in sustainable travel.
Sustainable travel survey July 2018 cover
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