The Future of Cities

Landscape of Salford with an orange sun set in the background

“What do we want our cities to be, and how do we get there?”

Cities are the places where local solutions to tomorrow’s global challenges must be found. To meet these ambitions, urban leaders across the UK need the powers and resources to deliver, and have set out their case in an open letter to Government.  

But what do urban residents think of their cities? What is it that makes them attractive places to live, what are the challenges that come with urban life, and how do cities need to change to meet the demands of the future?

In these videos, city citizens from six cities from across England and Wales reflect on their experiences of urban life and their aspirations for the future.

These videos build on a series of essays, videos and analysis from city leaders, academics, think tanks, urban artists and writers reflecting on the challenges that face cities in the decades ahead, including the transition to net-zero, demographic challenges and inequality; and answer the question: What do we want our cities to be, and how do we get there?

Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Network