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Bright Futures: struggling with mental health

Personal stories from young people battling mental health conditions.

Hope's story

Hope Virgo ended up in hospital before getting the help she needed to battle her eating disorder. Today she is a mental health advocate, championing a broader understanding of mental health issues and the need for early intervention.

Hannah's story

Hannah, now 20 years old, struggled with self-harm from the age of 14 and was unable to get appropriate help for several years. She is now working with local councils and CCGs as a citizen researcher, influencing the design of new services to support children and young people.

Anne's story

Anne, 19, started to self-harm at the age of 11 and has been fighting to improve her mental health since. After many setbacks, a new care coordinator provided the support she needed to get better. Today she is an advocate for young people's mental health.