6. Delivering the vision: support for councils

This is a chapter of 'Bright Futures: our vision for youth services' – the LGA's long-term vision for youth services and provision.

Our offer
Our offer
We will work with national and regional partners including the National Youth Agency and UK Youth to provide tools to support councils in developing local visions and action plans.
We will work with partners to produce guidance on engaging with young people and involving young people in commissioning.
We will work with partners to coordinate a biannual meeting of key national and regional stakeholders to share information and identify national lobbying priorities.
We will gather and share examples of best practice to share learning and support councils in developing their approaches.
We will commission new research to establish and disseminate the factors that facilitate an effective early help offer including youth provision, looking at how best to engage partner agencies and the community and voluntary sector in developing a joined up offer.
We will work with the National Youth Agency and the Centre for Youth Impact on an outcomes framework for youth services that all councils can use.
We will work with partners to develop a standard checklist for councils to use when commissioning services.


Recommendations to Government and NCS Trust
Recommendations to Government and NCS Trust

The Government should ensure that youth policy has a high profile across government to provide leadership and to make sure that young people’s voices are heard. Suggestions to do this include:

  • The Government should set out its policy and ambitions for services for young people, clearly articulating the role that all government departments will play to deliver that vision.
  • The Government should explicitly include responsibility for young people within a Ministerial portfolio to establish a champion for young people and ensure coordination of policy across all departments.
The NCS Trust should work closely with councils on the design and delivery of the National Citizen Service locally.
The Government should allocate a proportion of the funding dedicated to the National Citizen Service directly to councils for them to dedicate to supporting local youth services.
The Government must commit to sustainable investment in preventative services by reversing the cuts to early intervention funding for local councils.
Funding to support the measurement of outcomes and development of a wider evidence base for youth services should be made available to local authorities.