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LGA responds to Tobacco and Vapes Bill publication

Councils are fully supportive of the Government’s smokefree generation ambitions

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Person reaching for a vape from an aisle of colourful products

Heftier fines needed for businesses who flout disposable vape ban

The LGA is warning that the fine amount is too low and might let unscrupulous businesses off the hook.

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Hand holding a cigarette under a red light

Councils need extra funding for menthol cigarette ban

"Many councils are struggling to fully staff their enforcement services and it’s important local trading standards get the funding they need to properly enforce this ban."

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Person with white gloves holding up vaccine

LGA responds to whooping cough case spike

Councils and their directors of public health are deeply alarmed that rates of routine childhood vaccinations are in decline

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Person vaping next to the sea

Vaping tax ‘will help tackle pocket money prices’

We urge government to ensure the proceeds from the tax are specifically targeted for environmental, public health and enforcement purposes

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Hand holding a lit ciagrette

LGA responds to ASH letter to Prime Minister

Councils are at the heart of efforts to create a new smokefree generation and it is important the Government introduce these measures at the earliest possible opportunity.

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Suicide prevention funding end could have ‘life or death consequences’

The LGA is urging the Government to use the Spring Budget to extend funding for suicide prevention projects.

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Drug paraphernalia

LGA on PAC drug misuse report

Drug services need greater funding certainty from government if they are to deliver the life changing benefits we know they can.

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A child having a tooth removed

Nearly 119 operations a day to remove rotten teeth in children

These stark figures reveal that a lack of access to affordable dentistry is having a worrying impact on the state of children’s teeth

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LGA responds to Government dental access plan

An acute shortage of NHS dentists mean hundreds of dental practices may have to close in the years ahead

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