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Local elections support and events

This page includes information on local election support available through the LGA principal advisers and Political Group Offices

To learn more about support available in this area, please contact your regional LGA principal adviser.

Political group offices provide councillors and candidates with further points of contact.

The groups


Conservative group

The Conservative Party is the largest party in local government, and is also the largest party in the LGA. The LGA Conservative Group exists to support Conservative councillors involved with the LGA by offering advice, research and policy support.


Labour group

The LGA Labour group exists to provide a strong voice for Labour in local government and acts as a platform for ideas and discussion for all of those committed to an effective localist element to Labour politics and policies.


Liberal Democrats group

The Liberal Democrats group at the LGA plays a major role in the organisation. We are the persistent defenders of local democracy, arguing that what a local community can do for itself is best left to that community, without interference from central government.

LGA Independent Group logo

Independent group

The Independent group represents Independent, Green and smaller party councillors in England and Wales. It provides a voice at the national level and works within the LGA to ensure that the values and interests of its members are promoted.