Newcastle Gateshead: the 'transfer of care' bag

This initiative focuses on older people living with frailty and very complex needs in care homes. This example of a local initiative forms part of our managing transfers of care resource.

Partners have worked to define a common vision and purpose for the approach, and are clear it is not just about introducing a bag. It is about:

  • raising the profile of care home residents
  • developing the workforce to better understand their needs through the sharing of information
  • improving health and wellbeing and facilitating peaceful deaths in familiar environments through earlier and improved comprehensive assessment and care planning
  • recognising hospital as the smallest part of the patient’s journey
  • developing respectful relationships with care home teams
  • improving safety through reducing avoidable hospital re-admission and too long a stay
  • bringing care homes from the periphery into the system.


Lesley Bainbridge
Lead Nurse, Care Home Vanguard Programme
Newcastle Gateshead CCG