High impact change model examples of emerging and developing practice

The high impact change model for managing transfers of care, which was developed by the LGA and Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), national partners and the sector in 2015, offers a practical approach to managing patient flow and hospital discharge.

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The model identifies eight system changes that will have the greatest impact on reducing delayed discharge.

This resource supplements the model by bringing together examples of work being undertaken across the country, for each of the eight system changes. It references a range of initiatives where there is already evidence of impact, points to examples of emerging practice that are starting to make a difference and includes links to published guidance, and further information.

Emerging practice and shared learning

Local health and care systems face a range of challenges, and managing transfers is a complex task, for which there is no single answer or quick fix. This resource is not a checklist of actions, and not all of the examples will be the right solution for your context, but we have included a range of ideas and initiatives that you may want to explore and develop further. Many of these are new or recently implemented, and we are enormously grateful to the people who have been willing to offer up information about their work and their experiences, with a real spirit of shared learning.

Our aim is for this resource to grow and develop as the evidence base expands, and we intend to regularly review and update it. For that to happen, we will continue to be reliant on your contributions. If you would like to share learning from your own practice, whatever its stage of development, or have additional or updated information about any of the current examples, please contact [email protected].

We’d also welcome your views on what’s included, and what you’d like to see more of.