Councillor conduct and standards

The LGA has produced various resources to support councils and councillors to maintain high standards of conduct and behaviour in public life which are openly available here.

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The role of councillor is a vital part of local democracy; it therefore key that councillors are held account accountable and to high standards while fulfilling their role. To support councillors to maintain these high standards the LGA has produces various resources, which can help councillors understand the requirements associated with their role. 

The primary means for maintaining standards of conduct and behaviour is the Councillor Code of Conduct, which all councils are required to have. In association with key partners and extensive consultation with the sector, we have developed a Model Councillor Code of Conduct and supportive guidance for councillors and monitoring officers who are conducting Code of Conduct complaint investigations. 

LGA training

We have published an adaptable training pack on the LGA Model Councillor Code of Conduct. The resources in the training pack are particularly useful for monitoring officers. The pack includes:

Councillors wishing to refresh their understanding of the LGA Model Councillor Code of Conduct and key principles of bias and predetermination can access self-led learning on these topics through our councillor e-learning platform.

If you wish to comment on these resources or discuss what else the LGA could provide on standards please email [email protected]