2018/19 Programme

Find out more about the 12 councils’ discovery phase and the nine councils who implemented their solution.

Efficiency and strength based approaches

Engage citizens and the service user in the design, development and delivery of Health and social care processes or systems.

Bracknell Forest Council

Exploring how to make it easier for all people, including those not readily able to navigate websites, to connect to community initiatives by building a bridge between community information available and residents.

Bracknell Forest: discovery phase review

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Bracknell Forest: implementation phase update

Lincolnshire County Council

Giving the individual control of the financial assessment process through exploring a digital self-service approach.

Lincolnshire: discovery Phase review

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Lincolnshire: implementation phase update

South Tyneside Council

To understand more about the challenges service users with a learning disability and or autism experience during the communications and conversations with social workers.

South Tyneside: discovery phase review

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South Tyneside Implementation Phase report (June 2019)

Video: Developing Natter Notes in South Tyneside

Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

Enhancing the role that information/digital technology play in helping people with autism and learning difficulties developing their own solutions.  .

Wirral: discovery phase review

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Wirral : implementation phase update

Managing markets and commissioning

Improving the quality, range and efficiency of care and support provision

London Borough of Haringey

Developing an innovative supported-living offer that promotes safe independent living, is focussed on service user outcomes and can be supported by using Assistive Technology.

Haringey: discovery phase review

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London Borough of Havering

Addressing the recruitment and retention problems within the health and social care market through exploring portability of employment checks and evidence of training completion

Havering : discovery phase review

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Nottingham City Council

Exploring the behaviour change required for providers and citizens to deliver a new outcome focused model for services supporting adults with learning disabilities

Nottingham: discovery phase review

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Shropshire Council

Combining large data sets and applying predictive analytics, machine learning and data modelling to better understand current demand, predict and prevent future demand.

Shropshire - Discovery Phase review

Shropshire - Implementation Phase update

Shropshire Implementation Phase Report – July 2019

Sustainable and integrated care and health systems

Approaches to cross sector working and ways of improving health and social care outcomes for people

Cambridgeshire County Council

Developing a digital offer for medicine management support for individuals at risk of GP or hospital interventions as a result of medical non-adherence. 

Cambridgeshire: discovery phase review

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Isle of Wight Council

Discovering the potential role for robotics by testing public perceptions and understanding what objections people may have to robotics being deployed as part of the care and support solution

Isle of Wight discovery phase review

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Isle of Wight: implementation phase update

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Increasing the impact of assistive technology products, including products linking into monitoring centres or viewed by family carers.

Stockport: discovery phase review

Stockport: implementation phase report April 2019

Stockport: SCDIP project video

Sunderland City Council

Developing a scorecard to test the effectiveness of assistive technology and designing a platform to present all the data collected by the products

Sunderland: discovery phase review

Watch the Sunderland City Council video

Sunderland: implementation phase update

For more information on discovery and service design, this Service Manual is a useful place to start.