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Reviews, evaluation and progress checks

A peer review is a constructive, collaborative and supportive process to help health and social care partners locally consider how to improve or accelerate progress towards an integrated system. It can include a focus on a performance challenges, such as reducing delayed transfers of care.


Peer reviews are not inspections, they are a process whereby a mirror is held up to the system to reflect what is working well and where there are areas for development. As a result, there is no judgement rating or score.

Each peer review is tailored to meet the needs of the client and the size and specialisms of peer teams vary as do the number of days on-site. The scope of the Peer Review is identified according to the needs of the system.

All our reviews are built on sector-led improvement approaches.

We provide a range of peer reviews to meet different needs:

  • Half-day peer panel, led by expert peer(s) who act as a critical friend in reviewing the progress made in a local system and help them to consider next steps. The panel can be used to assess progress since previous support was provided.
  • One-day executive peer review: a small team of expert peers who undertake focused interviews with local system leaders to assess progress and challenges in a local system and make recommendations for improvement. This kind of intervention is intended to be a rapid review of local system leadership and services and is suited to close working with system leaders to better understand issues of flow, partnership arrangements, as well as a high-level analysis of the causes, enablers, and barriers to system integration improvement.
  • Four-day system-wide peer review: this is an intensive investigation into a local system and is designed to assist it to understand in-depth strategic operational arrangements, the system’s strengths and challenges, and involving all senior system stakeholders. The full review format is best suited to understanding detailed and technical system issues, including over complex or larger geographies, health and local government footprints, and/or across multiple partner organisations.

Find out more about our peer review process:

For further information or to discuss what offer might be right for your system, please contact your care and health improvement adviser or email [email protected].