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Resources to support Making Safeguarding Personal

This suite of resources is intended to support Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs) and partners in developing and promoting Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP).

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It offers support to Boards both in their assurance role and in actively supporting and leading a culture change towards MSP. The resources describe what ‘good’ might look like in MSP for a range of organisations and promote ownership of this agenda within and across all organisations. The full suite of documents comprises:

The first five of these resources follows a common structure, enabling interested parties to look at an appropriate level of detail for them. Each includes:

  • an introduction and a summary offering core information on essential steps for developing MSP
  • for sector specific resources, a further short section sets out the context for MSP for that sector, including reference to relevant excerpts of the statutory guidance, as well as highlighting links from MSP to the sector’s own guidance; regulatory framework; responsibilities
  • more detailed advice and examples on developing the essential steps for MSP, along with appendices which offer further support for those with responsibilities to engage with the detail in taking forward aspects of the resources in strategy and practice.  

All resources are based on research evidence from the literature as well as extensive conversations with key individuals in the relevant sectors.

The resource to support SABs in involving people who may be in need of safeguarding support has benefitted from extensive input from service users and Boards where this engagement is already happening. The lead author is an expert by experience. 

Development of practice and strategy

Further resources to inform the development of practice in the context of these resources can be found below:

The role of the Safeguarding Adults Board chair

Service user involvement with SABs

More information and resources to support SABs, including the results of surveys, can be found on Safeguarding resources and via the Knowledge Hub group: Adult Safeguarding Community of Practice.