Youth and community workers

We act as the Secretariat for the Employers' Side of the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) for Youth and Community Workers.

This was established in 1951 to provide voluntary collective bargaining machinery for youth and community workers in local government.

It covers approximately 10,624 staff – as of August 2016 – including those on the:

  • youth and community support workers range
  • professional range.

Pink Book

The 'Pink Book' is the terms and conditions handbook for Youth and Community Workers. The most recent update is from 2016.

The JNC determines pay for youth and community workers - previous settlements as follows

January 2020

The JNC has issued an update on changes to the JNC Education Framework.

October 2018

The Employers’ Side and the Staff Side of the JNC for Youth and Community Workers has reached agreement on a pay award for 2018 and 2019.

July 2018

Following a consultation process the National Employers have responded to the Staff Side.

May 2018

The National Employers have received a pay and conditions claim from the Staff Side for 2018. 

January 2017

The JNC for Youth and Community Workers has produced

October 2016

This was concluded in October 2016 and resulted in a response rate of 46 per cent.

April 2016

Amendment to Joint Negotiating Committee Agreement (Pink Book)

The JNC for Youth Community Workers has issued the following circular to local authorities regarding an amendment to the 'Pink Book'.


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