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School teachers’ pay 2024

View all the available school teachers' pay 2024 documentation

JNCTRE agreement 2023

Under the terms of the JNCTRE Agreement, all allowances (including Instructors scales) other than the Sleeping in Duty Allowance have been increased (6 December 2023).

Soulbury Pay 2022 and 2023

Soulbury Pay 2022 and 2023: The National Employers have made a full and final offer to the Officers’ Side in response to the Officers’ Side’s pay and conditions claim for 2022 and a final pay offer for 2023  –  22 November 2023.

School teachers’ pay 2023

View all the available school teachers' pay 2023 documentation.

School teachers' pay and conditions FAQs

A bank of frequently asked questions about teachers’ national pay and conditions framework.

What school leaders and those governing should expect from each other

Read this updated guidance produced by a collaboration of leading education sector organisations aims to improve the effectiveness of governance.

NEOST staff wellbeing guide for schools and trusts - 16 June 2020 

This NEOST staff wellbeing guide - whilst this guide was produced during the COVID-19 Pandemic it continues to provide schools and trusts with information and guidance as well as signposting to other resources to best support the wellbeing of their staff.