Teachers' pension scheme

We represent local authorities' interests to Government and the national teacher unions in respect of the administration, development and costs of the Teachers' Pensions Scheme.


Teachers' pensions bulletin 74 - April 2021

Bulletin 74 reports on our Teachers’ Pensions (TP) Advisory Group meeting held earlier this month where key topics discussed were historic invoices and the end of year certificate process. There is information about the DfE’s consultation on proposed changes to the TPS regulations which relate to changes to survivor benefits and the introduction of a phased withdrawal for independent schools. You can also read about new consultations published recently by the Pensions Regulator and important information about the TP 2020/21 end of year certificate process that starts this month.

Public Sector Exit Payments

Read about public sector exit payments and the impact on the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

Read the LGA response to the HMT Public service pension schemes consultation: changes to the transitional arrangements to the 2015 schemes. The response deals with the impact of the proposals on the TPS and the Firefighters’ Pension Schemes.

COVID-19 survey: impact of COVID-19 restrictions on local authorities’ administration of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

Read the report of the survey that was sent out on 26 March to all local authorities in England and Wales to find out whether the restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak were impacting on LAs in their administration of the TPS.

LGA response to funding the education sector for teacher pension increases

Read the LGA response to the recent consultation to seek views on the DfE’s proposal to provide funding for certain educational institutions for the increase to employer contributions to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme in 2019/20.

LGA response to consultation – independent schools phased withdrawal

Read the LGA’s response to the Government consultation on the proposal to change the TPS (England and Wales) rules to allow independent schools to continue to offer TPS membership to existing staff, but not to new teachers.