Youth and community pay – Response to the Staff Side’s pay and conditions claim 2022

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Alan Scott
Staff Side Secretary 
JNC for Youth and Community Workers
Unite House
128 Theobald’s Road

14 October 2022

Dear Alan

Youth and Community Pay – Response to the Staff Side’s Pay and Conditions Claim 2022

Thank you for the Staff Side’s pay and conditions claim for 2022. The Employers’ Side has agreed to respond formally to your Side’s 2022 pay and conditions claim.

The Employers’ Side wishes to make the following final, one-year offer:

  • An increase of £1,925 on all pay points with effect from 1 September 2022
  • An increase of 4.04% on all allowances with effect from 1 September 2022.

In terms of the other elements of your claim:

1. Address work-life balance and time off in lieu – by making the current guidance on work-life balance mandatory, to ensure compensatory leave (TOIL) is always accrued for extra hours worked

The Employers’ Side rejects this element of the claim. We believe that this should be a matter left to local determination and not mandatory. We can propose that the current guidance on work- life balance be updated and revised.

2. Each working week should contain two consecutive days that are designated as non-working days. Any TOIL for residential work will be completely separate from these designated non-working days.

The Employers’ Side is unable to agree to this part of your claim. We believe that local employers should have the flexibility to determine this.

3. Formally define an evening session as any session that finishes after 6pm.

The Employers’ Side rejects this element of your claim and believes that this is a matter for local employers to determine. We can suggest national guidance on good practice.

4. Move to a 35-hour working week without loss of pay – with sufficient time for planning and admin.

The Employers’ Side rejects this element of your claim. Such a reduction would be out of kilter with local government and would result in an increase in costs that would be unaffordable and would adversely affect service delivery.

5. Joint work on race and gender pay gaps in youth work.

The Employers’ Side is able to agree to further discussions on joint work on a without prejudice basis.

The Employers’ Side hopes that this final offer can form the basis of an agreement between the two Sides of the JNC so that Youth and Community Workers, who continue to provide such critical support to their communities, can receive a pay rise as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

David Algie
Employers’ Side Secretariat

The LGA, 18 Smith Square, London SW1P 3HZ
Telephone: 020 7187 7373
Email: [email protected]