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The role of councils in building inclusive economies: Introduction to the report

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There is general agreement that building inclusive economies must:

  • address inequalities
  • address exclusion and poverty
  • benefit the economy as well as being an end in itself
  • focus on the nature of the economy – rather than just redistributing the gains of growth through taxes and benefits.

The agenda is relevant in all places – from areas which had previously experienced high growth and inward investment like London, Leeds and Manchester as it is in areas with previously slower growth or even decline. The appropriate local response will vary between these places and their different economies.

"The appropriate local response will vary between these places and their different economies."

The following report examines several key areas of the inclusive economies agenda. The report draws on a large evidence base, which includes an extensive policy and literature review, interviews with 15 stakeholders in different councils and a call for evidence.

The report considers how inclusive growth can be pursued by councils at three different stages:

  • those who are looking to start engaging with the inclusive economies agenda
  • those who have identified it as a clear priority, but are looking at good practice and for ideas to develop strategies, policies and interventions
  • those who have developed inclusive economy (or similar) strategies, policies, and interventions and are looking at expanding their work on inclusive growth into a new phase.