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Younger woman carer showing older woman something on an iPad with a cup of tea

Social care continues to face significant pressure – LGA on ADASS roadmap for reforming care and support

“This helpful roadmap adds to the growing body of evidence and reports that show the significant pressure social care is facing. It also rightly puts people who draw on care and support at the centre, articulating the huge value and reach of social care."


LGA on 'Next steps to put people at the heart of care'

“This is a significant watering down of promises, which even as they stood would only have taken us on the first steps towards a more sustainable and refocused future for social care. People who draw on care and support will understandably feel frustrated and concerned by these developments."

A home nurse aids an elderly woman to stand up and walk

Urgent social care investment needed to meet demand – LGA on The King’s Fund report

“Councils and providers always strive to reflect, learn and improve, but it is becoming increasingly hard to fund even statutory services. We need to see urgent investment in adult social care that will ensure the best possible care for those that need it.”

An adult woman helping an elderly to stand from his bed

We must shift the narrative on ageing and disability – LGA responds to Archbishops’ Commission report on Reimagining Care

“The Archbishops’ Commission rightly highlights the importance of shifting the narrative on ageing and disability, as well as building better attitudes towards social care and the people who draw on it.”

Nurse walking down a hospital hallway

Piecemeal funding won’t fix health and care pressures – LGA statement

“It is disappointing that so much of the current narrative on social care implies it exists solely to ease pressure on the NHS.”


Underfunded social care struggling to help mitigate growing demand on NHS - LGA statement

“A sustainable NHS depends on a sustainable social care system. Instead, the social care system is suffering from long-term underfunding and high vacancy levels across the workforce.”

Older white man hugging a younger white boy who has learning disabilities, they are both smiling

LGA responds to Lords Adult Social Care Committee report: A “gloriously ordinary life’’

Cllr David Fothergill, Chairman of the Local Government Association Community Wellbeing Board said: “This excellent report could be a blueprint for the way forward for adult social care and we fully support the central message that social care should be seen as a “national imperative”. The positive framing of social care and the core focus on people who draw on care and support is particularly welcoming. “It rightly highlights the invisibility of the social care workforce and the incredible work they do to allow those who draw on care to live an equal life. It also brings to light the

Old person reading a book

LGA responds to new Age UK report: Why can’t I get care?

“It is extremely concerning to hear reports of older people either reducing or having to consider stopping their social care because of financial concerns."

Carer helping an old woman

LGA responds to Skills for Care annual report

"This latest report confirms what has been a worrying trend for some years, of persistently high staff turnover and vacancy rates in social care, adding further pressures onto already overstretched services."

Elderly couple sitting beside each other in hospital

LGA responds to additional funding for hospital discharges

"This funding for supporting patient discharges from hospitals will be significant over the winter months. We are pleased to see the importance of social care being recognised in improving this service, but it is vital to remember that social care has huge value to people’s lives in its own right."