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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Tackling the increase of empty properties through proactive engagement

The number of long-term empty homes has increased in the Braintree district by 46% over the past 3 years. Braintree District Council is working to engage proactively with homeowners to address the issue of empty homes and bring more into use wherever possible.

Joint Review of Temporary Accommodation Provision: how can we improve the availability of appropriate temporary accommodation across the county

The Hertfordshire Growth Board is sponsoring a Joint Review of Temporary Accommodation Provision to investigate the options available to local authorities in Hertfordshire.

Local renewable power generation study

Data driven solar installation plan to power the Council’s housing portfolio.

Whitechapel Development Programme

The life sciences development in Whitechapel will become a core part of the UK-wide life sciences industrial strategy, aiming to accelerate innovation and adoption of new healthcare products and services, providing substantial new economic, employment and training opportunities for local communities in Tower Hamlets. The One Public Estate partnership has enabled these benefits to be identified and quantified to support the case for the life sciences cluster to become a key driver of regeneration in East London.

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One Public Estate: Seaton Lane, Hartlepool

Hartlepool is a coastal town of about 93,000 people, situated in the North East of England. It was founded on ship building and steel making and has areas of high deprivation as well as more prosperous parts. It retains its industrial sector but is also expanding in the arts and creative sectors and is home to Britain’s oldest floating warship, HMS Trincomalee. Hartlepool Council successfully secured LRF funding to remove development constraints on Council owned land in a disadvantaged area of the town. This funding allowed the council to secure a local developer to deliver private for sale housing, to help diversify the housing mix and support the regeneration of the area.

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Temporary accommodation review

A review of temporary accommodation in West Lindsey and recommendation of need for additional temporary accommodation across the district.

Design collaboration for community-led housing in an urban context

Bringing together architects and community-led housing groups to develop innovative design solutions for difficult urban sites for community-led affordable housing.

Journey towards Net Zero – space and water heating solutions for North Tyneside’s new build affordable homes

Evaluation of potential heating and hot water generation strategies for a range of new-build developments to be constructed in the next 10 years.

Ensuring safe housing: facilitating the relocation of tenants affected by Large Panel System building safety concerns

This case study explores the facilitation of the relocation of tenants affected by Large Panel System building safety concerns at a social housing estate which comprised of a tower block with over 120 homes.

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Portsmouth City Council: Large Panel System case study

This case study explores how Portsmouth City Council were able to deliver the demolition of Horatia House and Leamington House, which were two 18-storey blocks constructed using Large Panel Systems.

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