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Electric vehicles: Next steps


Energy Saving Trust

To produce this publication, the LGA is grateful to the Energy Saving Trust (EST). They have provided us with extensive technical guidance and have produced their own more detailed guide to EV infrastructure for councils which can be accessed online. They also provide a Local Government Support Programme with tailored support available. The Local Government Support Programme focuses on building and strengthening EST’s relationships with councils. Funded by the Department for Transport, it enables EST to provide the most effective and tailored support possible to improve local air quality and reduce CO2 emissions.

How can EST help?

1. Supporting the development of baseline knowledge: keeping officers and councillors fully informed of the industry by running workshops and masterclasses on low emission transport policy, market status, technology and innovation and wider Mobility as a Service (MAAS).

2. Supporting the sharing of best practice: developing more effective and wellrounded strategies through observing findings and experience of similar projects run by cities and authorities.

3. Helping to identify transport programmes at a local and regional level that will help make a real difference in air quality, and support the development of current programmes to see greater project outcomes and impact.

4. Helping to join the dots: linking existing programmes and initiatives to develop a stronger strategy for broader regional plans or wider strategies that support MAAS and the Smart City agenda. More information can be found at local-authorities/local-government-supportprogramme

Fleet Support

Energy Saving Trust offers in-depth, fleet reviews for organisations to help organisations make financial and environmental savings. With funding provided by the Department for Transport (DfT), EST’s services are provided at no cost to the organisation. A range of reviews are available, including one which focuses on identifying the potential and cost-effectiveness of adopting EVs. More information.