Highlighting political leadership

The LGA's range of political leadership development programmes helps to support and develop councillors ensuring our local politicians are confident and capable.

The scale of the challenge that councils are currently facing requires strong, responsive and resilient leadership. To address this, we are refocusing our leadership offer so that senior councillors and officers have access to learning resources and the ability to share their experiences with their peers. This includes ensuring that councillors have access to online leadership tools that support their vital community leadership role in their national effort to respond to COVID-19, including through neighbourhood and community engagement. 

New resources available

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Councillor e-learning platform

We've upgraded our councillor e-learning platform to provide a better and more up to date learning experience for councillors.

Political leadership webinars supporting councillors and political leaders 

A series of webinars to support councillors and political leaders.

A guidebook on ‘Being an effective cabinet member’

A guidebook on ‘Being an effective cabinet member’ – This guidebook is a distance learning aid to support cabinet members in their role, including decision-making, whole cabinet working, leadership styles in times of crisis and officer/member relationships.

Guidance for finance portfolio-holders

The councillor’s workbook on local government finance has been updated and supplemented with an e-learning module to help you consider the financial and budgetary decisions that will need to be taken as we emerge from the pandemic.

A councillor's workbook on the local pathway to net zero

Councils have a crucial role to play in achieving the UK’s 2050 Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions target. Our councillor's workbook on the local pathway to net zero can help councillors achieve this.

Councillor's workbook on mentally healthier places

Councillor's workbook on mentally healthier places, designed as a distance learning aid to support councillors develop mentally healthier communities. 

A webinar and an e-learning module has been produced to complement this workbook. To access the module please go to our councillor e-learning platform.

A councillor’s workbook on effective opposition during COVID-19, reset and recovery

A councillor’s workbook on effective opposition during COVID-19, reset and recovery, examining effective opposition in local government and focuses on the role that the opposition plays during the COVID-19 pandemic including the reset and recovery phase.

Other resources

Our councillor e-learning platform includes a module on handling intimidation and we have made available a range of other resources to help councillors as part of our civility in public life programme.

Sector support offer

Supporting effective political leadership is part of our sector support offer; helping councils strengthen local accountability, monitor performance and drive improvement.