Capability and capacity reviews

Assurance for Leaders and chief executives on whether their organisations have the skills and depth they need to deliver effectively and that their political and administrative structures will help them achieve their goals.

Having great ambitions and the right policies are no use if they cannot be delivered.  Sometimes, all that is needed is a slight adjustment to ensure that the right links are being made across the Council.  Sometimes a much more fundamental change is needed.

You might have a good sense of what needs to be done.  For example, you may have had one of our free peer challenges and have decided that you need some additional input or a new perspective to tackle an issue identified by the reviewers.  Or you may have already identified a gap between what you want to achieve on a specific issue and what you have the capacity to deliver in the short term.  Or you may want a quick health check on a specific issue. 

At other times progress is being made but, as a chief executive or senior manager, you have a nagging doubt that it is more sluggish than it should be.

In each of these cases, the policy consultancy can deliver advice tailored to your needs.

We can help with a governance review, as we did in Cornwall.

Or you might want us to carry out a review on a much more focused and specific task, as we did in the West Midlands when we helped a council assess their ability to make policy and influence at the local, regional and national level.

The LGA Consultancy spent time in the office and were seen as part of the team whilst preserving their independence. They became a friend of the organisation and helped to develop capacity in our senior strategy people

In all that we do, our aim is to strengthen the effectiveness of the organisation and build its capability – not to provide a short term solution that loses impact when we move on.