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Policy advice

Sharp policy analysis, informed by the latest thinking in Whitehall and the broader public sector and led by the ambition and delivery capability of the council or combined authority.

We can all over-complicate policy making.  At heart good policy making means making the right diagnosis and having a coherent plan of action in place to give that diagnosis effect.  Most of us have also been in an environment where bad policy has been made – where ambitious goals are set without a realistic delivery plan; where multiple and sometimes conflicting objectives are pursued or where the diagnosis of the problem is wrong.

Ambitious and realistic policies

We can help Leaders, Chief Executives and senior managers ensure that their organisation’s policies are both ambitious and realistic. Our starting point is to gain a thorough understanding of what you are seeking to achieve.  We will then work with you to  develop the policies to achieve your goals, all the while testing to ensure that existing and emerging policies face up to the challenges facing the organisation and that firm and realistic plans for delivery can be put in place.  Sometimes this will mean making connections to other parts of the same organisation or the broader public and private sectors in a place or region. 

The LGA was expert at quickly building trust with the CEx and Leader and having an equal, if different, relationship with both. They were thoughtful, persuasive and reflective. They then acted as an alchemist bringing insight to the organisation and blending the challenges and opportunities to help us map a way forward.

Policies which take account of Whitehall specificities

Alongside our commitment to understand the local situation, we have an unparalleled network of contacts in Whitehall. Our LGA policy teams are in daily contact with senior officials in Whitehall. Several of them have worked in central Government; we know how the Whitehall machine works. So we can offer up to date guidance on how Government policy is evolving and what the art of the possible might be and how best to influence Whitehall when it comes to thinking through solutions for the policy problem you are wanting to tackle.

Informed devolution policies

We have worked with combined authorities in different parts of the country and with HM Treasury and DCLG on devolution so we can help you in thinking through what powers and funding might be devolved from central government to your area.

Policies which benefit from nation-wide in-sight

And we have unrivalled knowledge about what is happening in local government across the  country so that you can learn and benefit from experience elsewhere.