Commissioning and market shaping

Supporting councils and providers in their commissioning and market shaping activities is a key element of our work.

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Supporting councils

We support councils in their adult social care commissioning and market shaping activities. We aim to cover all aspects of commissioning and provides a range of support, which includes universal support (webinars, reports and so on) and direct support to help specific councils deliver improvements. All this support is open to all councils.

If you have any questions about this support or would like to discuss this further, please email 
[email protected]


We cover the following themes. More detailed information, resources and support related to each will be added shortly, including resources created by PCH and also external links.

Support resources

We offer a variety of information and resources, including case studies and details of past and future events. 

Case studies: You will find case studies from councils across the adult social care sector, all of which are thought to be useful and relevant to commissioners. 

Events: You will find details of upcoming events from Partners in Care and Health and other health and social care-related events.

Past presentations: You will find slides from Partners in Care and Health events and other events across the Local Government Association.