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Achieving integrated care

The LGA and the Social Care Institute for Excellence have joined up to produce an accessible and practice resource that supports local systems in fulfilling their ambition of integration.

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The 15 actions prioritised in this resource draw on evidence about what works from international research, emerging best practices and engagement with our own stakeholders and partners. The actions are deliberately aligned with national policy, legal frameworks and regulatory guidance, but most important, they allow for local variety in system design and service delivery to flourish.

We envisage a “whole system” approach in taking these actions forward, involving system leaders, health and social care commissioners and providers, front-line professionals, local communities and local people. By applying these actions, local partners will be able to focus on three key elements:

  • the delivery of person-centred coordinated care – i.e. the core objective of integrated care
  • the building of local “place-based” care and support systems
  • system leadership for integration.

For each action, the resource sets out the rationale, ‘How to’ tips, and signposts to the underpinning evidence and examples of good practice.

Realising person-centred coordinated care

Building place-based care and support systems

Leading for integration

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