Better Care support offer

The Better Care Support Team (BCST) is committed to ensuring that local areas have the relevant support available to them, as they work towards delivering their Better Care Fund plans in 2017/18 and beyond.

The Better Care support offer for 2016/17 consists of a range of support options developed to assist areas. The support is delivered through two streams; the centrally-led national support programme and regionally-led support offer.

Centrally-led support

Better Care Advisor (BCA ) and multi-disciplinary consultancy (MDC) support programme 

The LGA, as a national partner in the Better Care Support Team (BCST), has been commissioned to provide the Better Care Fund (BCF) Bespoke Support Programme. The BCST is a joint initiative between the LGA, Department of Health, Department of Communities and Local Government and NHS England, charged with delivering the BCF at a national level.

The purpose of the programme is to provide on-site, bespoke support which local areas can draw on when they require additional or specialist capacity or expertise in developing their BCF plan for 2017-19 to meet national requirements and timescales.

Support is requested through the locality Better Care Manager (BCM), as the BCST's local relationship manager, and should be discussed with the local team prior to a submission being made. Full information on the support programme and support process can be found in the BCA/MDC support programme briefing document.

BCA-MDC support programme briefing

Programme objectives

The BCA/MDC Support Programme aims to provide effective support to local areas to:

  1. Support local systems to develop plans for a continuation of the BCF in 2017-18 and 2018-19
  2. Enable local systems to successfully implement their BCF Plans
  3. Support the delivery of the overall BCF programme

Priority will be given to requests falling under category ‘A’ which, without support, would have difficulties submitting a plan that will meet national requirements and timescales.

Eligibility criteria

Support requests should support one or more of the following aims:

  • To secure agreement on a compliant plan for the BCF 2017-19
  • To support implementation of BCF schemes or performance improvements against
    the BCF metrics
  • To support greater integration of health and care, including preparing for graduation
    from the BCF
  • To strengthen leadership to lead integration locally

Support will be prioritised for areas at greater risk of not securing agreement on a compliant BCF plan, although the support can also be used to help accelerate implementation of BCF programmes and wider integration ambitions.

If you are a Better Care Manager, you may submit a support request here

High Impact Change Model support offer

The BCF Support Programme is working with the Emergency Care Improvement Programme, hosted by NHS Improvement, and the LGA’s Care and Health Improvement Programme, to develop a joint offer around implementing the High Impact Change Model, the new national condition in the BCF. The support is available in the same way for all BCA/MDC support, via your Better Care Manager. It includes regional events and bespoke workshops and support.

DTOC target analysis tool

The LGA has developed a tool to interrogate at council level the monthly published delayed transfers of Care (DTOC) data in a way that identifies where and why delays are happening, giving a council a baseline of where action is most needed and/or can make an impact: DTOC analysis to inform BCF targets

Signposting tool to available support 

The Better Care Support Team has produced a tool to signpost available support to address the biggest barriers to integrated care.