'Must knows' for lead members for adult social care

The 'Must knows' are a long-standing source of information and support and focuses on the key issues facing portfolio holders. They are updated on a rolling basis.

Links to LGA resources elsewhere on this site can be found in each publication.

  1. How do you know your council is performing well in adult social care?
  2. How do you know you are making the best use of scarce resources?
    Use of resources
  3. How do you know your council is actively promoting integration of health and social care?
    Integrated care
  4. How do you know if STPs are making a positive impact?
  5. How do you know that your council is doing all it can to deliver on prevention?
  6. How do you know your council is doing all it can to improve mental health
    Mental health
  7. How do you know your council is actively tackling loneliness?
  8. How you know know you are making progress in the personalisation of adult social care?
    Making it real
  9. How do you know you council is being effective in keeping people safe?
  10. How do you know that you are making progress locally on the Transforming Care programme for people with a learning disability or autism who display behaviour that challenge?
    Transforming Care
  11. How do you know you are getting the most of our your relationship with health overview and scrutiny?
  12. The guide describes a six-phase process, which can be used flexibly by local authorities, taking into account existing structures, relationships and actions that are already in place to tackle obesity.

Other resources

Other key issues for lead members of adult social care are explored in the LGA resources below:

Care and health improvement
The LGA provides resources on health and wellbeing boards, social care commissioning and market development, delayed transfers of care, safeguarding, care and health integration and the Better Care Fund.

Mental health

Public health

Supporting Social Workers
The LGA provides resources that provides short and long-term solutions to everyday difficulties that may be faced by councils, as well as examples of best practice within the profession and guidance from peers in the profession.

Transforming social care through the use of information and technology
This report offers an overview of the key findings from a full report, grouped around the five ‘future vision for care' themes and highlights a number of areas for action to enable transformative use of data and technology in social care, and support of integration activity across place, alongside case studies and a self-assessment tool.

'Must Knows' of lead members for children's services

The 'Must Knows' for lead members for children's services were comprehensively revised for 2015 and focus on the key issues facing children's services.