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Growing Places: building local public services for the future

Our Growing Places campaign aims to ensure residents and their families have access to the best possible opportunities to live a healthy, independent and prosperous life.

We are in an unprecedented time for our nation. The coming years will bring some of the biggest changes seen in a generation.

Central government has a vital job to do in ensuring the whole nation benefits from our exit from the European Union. But it is often too distant from local communities to be able to respond to their needs, ambitions and concerns. 

As the most trusted part of the public sector, local government provides the strong and ambitious leadership that ensures the country is safe and thriving. Its cross party nature also makes it best placed to prioritise people and communities, putting party politics aside.

Our asks

The Government faces a changed and changing world with the coming years bringing some of the biggest changes seen in a generation. At a point when the weight of responsibility on the shoulders of national government will be huge, we’re calling for local government to be given the powers and fiscal freedoms to ensure the nation remains economically buoyant and continues to thrive.

We have outlined several crucial asks across key areas, including

financial sustainability

children's services

- employment and skills


public health and adult social care

community safety, environment and transport

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