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LGA Associate Membership Scheme

The LGA's associate membership scheme is open to local, regional and national public bodies whose purpose and priorities align with those of the LGA. Associate membership is non-voting, with subscription levels based on the size of the organisation.

Corporate associate membership is also available to other membership bodies wishing to join on behalf of a number of organisations.

The LGA's membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March.  All applications for associate membership must be approved by the LGA Board.

Any local (town or parish) council seeking to take out associate membership of the LGA should do so via NALC (the National Association of Local Councils) but must be a current NALC Super Council (only those in membership of NALC with either an annual precept/council tax income of => £1m p.a. or an annual turnover of => £1.5m) are eligible to take out such membership through NALC). Please contact NALC on: 020 7637 1865 /[email protected]

Benefits of membership

Associate members of the LGA are entitled to:

  • Access the member-only area of the LGA website
  • Sign up to receive policy papers, on-the-day briefings
  • Attend paid events at membership rates and free LGA events
  • Access to relevant contacts (subject to data protection)
  • Online employment guidance and workforce consultancy support at reduced cost


Subscription levels for Associate members of the LGA are based on the size of the organisation.

  • Under 10 employees: £2,500
  • 10 - 100 employees: £5,000
  • 100 - 250 employees: £7,500
  • 250 - 750 employees: £10,000
  • 750 plus employees: £12,000 - £20,000
  • Other membership bodies: £2,000 per organisation represented

Corporate subscriptions for local, regional and national membership organisations can be renegotiated depending on the number and size of organisations represented.

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