General Assembly

Call for Nomination/s of Representative/s and Invitation to submit Motions

LGA General Assembly

For the first time in three years, we will be hosting our LGA General Assembly meeting in person. Join us at 11.45 am on Tuesday 28 June 2022 at Harrogate Convention Centre. The Annual meeting takes place as part of the LGA's Annual Conference which will begin directly following the meeting.


View the agenda for the meeting.

Previous agenda papers and minutes of previous meetings of the General Assembly are available to view.

Nominations and voting

The deadline for nominating voting members to the LGA General Assembly via the online form has now passed. Please email directly regarding nominations and attendance at the General Assembly meeting, which is being held on 28 June 2022, in Harrogate. 

Submitting motions

Please note that the deadline for submitting Motions is now passed.

Further information

Please contact if you require further information.