A behavioural approach to managing demand in Special Educational Needs travel services: increasing uptake of independent travel training

The Croydon Behaviour Change Hub (BCH) worked with the SEN travel team to develop and trial a behavioural approach to reducing demand for council provided transport. This case study forms part of our behavioural insights resource.

Efficiency and income generation

The target was to increase uptake of alternative travel provisions to enable the service to move
away from a model of rationing need through eligibility criteria and statutory duties, and towards a more financially sustainable preventative model centred on empowering young people to develop resilience and independence.

Behavioural insights were applied to communications and a Randomised Control Trial (RCT) tested whether it was possible to increase Independent Travel Training (ITT) referrals from Schools. Whilst the trial itself showed no statistically significant effect, the service saw a larger overall increase in expressions of interest in ITT than previously forecast.

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