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Castle Point Borough Council: Utilising the DMA approach to create efficient organisational structures

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The challenge

Castle Point Borough Council's challenge was to create effective and efficient structures as part of their organisation review.

The council achieved this through using the Decision-Making Accountability (DMA) approach, as part of their organisation review and an opportunity for their employees to engage during this process.

The solution

Angela Hutchings, Chief Executive, led the DMA review along with the LGA. Through agreement, specific directorates were identified as the primary focus. This allowed the LGA to analyse the organisational structure and understand the number of layers within the council. This was a crucial step during the DMA review.

The DMA review also gave Castle Point employees an opportunity to offer their voice and insight into the organisation. Colleagues had the opportunity to speak through one to ones or facilitated drop-in sessions. These conversations contributed to the final report and shaping the future organisational structure.

The impact

Castle Point saw the benefits of the DMA review, especially how it helped build confidence between the council and the members. It enabled the council to understand its current position and what it was trying to achieve. The independence and objectivity that the LGA brought built confidence with employees and encouraged open communication. 


When asked what she would say to a council considering utilising the DMA approach, Angela said:

I think what really helps is the independent validation that the DMA review gives. It’s a great opportunity to understand what good looks like in a tried and tested way. The report and findings gave the members the confidence needed to make the organisational changes.


David Drewry

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