Handling council tax via a Citizen Access tool

Test Valley Council replaced its existing CRM system with an online Citizen Access tool for council tax, allowing residents to view account details, submit changes of address, apply for or cancel a single person discount, set up a direct debit or sign up for e-billing. This case study forms part of our digital experts resource.

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By establishing a self-service facility, the council has offered better access to residents and reduced avoidable contact, duplicate data handling and delays in setting up accounts.

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Nicola Everett, Revenues Systems Manager, Test Valley Borough Council

Nicola talks about the council's project to offer customers a self service portal to manage their council tax affairs using the portal.

Lynsey Tolley & Amanda Edgell of Test Valley Borough Council

Lynsey & Amanda talk about  the roll out of the new self-service system for council tax, and how it has changed the service experience for both customer and staff.

Carl Whatley, Acting Head of Revenues, Test Valley Borough Council

Carl talks about his role on the project, and the progress made in implementing the new self-service portal for council tax.