Matching data to support troubled families: Camden

The London borough of Camden focused on bringing together information from a range of systems to support frontline workers provide a more effective service to families in need.

Camden has been an active participant in the national Troubled Families programme. At the same time, the council is recognised as a leader in exploiting the potential of data and digital tools and technologies to develop greater understanding of residents’ needs and to deliver more effective services.

The borough wanted to increase the breadth and value of its activities around collecting, matching and using data, both to support the multi-agency, whole-family working associated with the national Troubled Families programme and to extend the same approach to all families in need within the Camden area.

The ultimate aim of the digital transformation project was to contribute to achieving better outcomes and greater resilience and wellbeing for families in Camden.

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Matching data to support troubled families

You can hear more from key people involved in the project via the videos below:

Edward Purchase - Lead Analyst, Strategy and Change - London Borough of Camden

Shane Green - Programme Manager, Business Intelligence and Open Data - London Borough of Camden

Roland Ramos - Information and Support Officer - London Borough of Camden

Million Hailemariam - Team Manager, Youth Early Help (South Team) - London Borough of Camden

Becca Dove - Service Head, Family Support and Complex Families - London Borough of Camden

Mike Webb - Principal Strategy Officer - London Borough of Camden