A single view of a child’s record

A single view of a child’s record​​​​​​​As part of its strategic plan, Wigan Council aimed to develop a system which would deliver a single view of a child’s record which is shared across multiple agencies.

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Wigan Council set out to develop a system which allowed a single view of a child’s record. This would remove barriers by providing a single authoritative view of all relevant data. This would in turn facilitate an integrated multi-agency approach based on targeted, early interventions. Such a proactive, rather than reactive, model should improve both efficiency and outcomes.

The Single View project aimed to deliver a simple to use, web-based overview of data currently held in numerous council-owned systems. The system will help to deliver

targeted, early interventions which could avoid costs of hundreds of thousands of

pounds per annum by enabling staff to work more effectively together, resulting in better safeguarding outcomes and the avoidance of future problems.

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A single view of a child’s record

You can hear more from key people involved in the project via the videos below:

Kay Lowe - Lead Start Well Worker - Early Help Hub - Wigan Council

James Winterbottom - Director of Children's Services - Wigan Council

Helen Spreadbury - Service Manager, IT Reform and Transformation Team -Wigan Council

Angela Addis - Service Delivery Footprint Manager -Wigan Council

Sam Tilley - Programme Manager - IT Reform & Transformation Team - Wigan Council