Digital Transformation programme

The Digital Transformation Programme was set up is being run to help fund councils to develop digital solutions to support their wider work on national programmes of transformation including, the integration of health and social care, Troubled Families, Welfare Reform and Public Health.

The aim is to develop digital tools and solutions that can be reused by other councils and support the wider work to transform local public services. Below is a list of the successful councils and a brief summary of their projects. We will capture the Councils learning through case studies' and share them at future events.

Digital transformation programme: current projects

Transforming public services using digital tools

The LGA commissioned research to capture examples of where councils have used technology and digital tools and approaches to deliver services that are better targeted and more efficient.

This report demonstrates not only that there is significant technological innovation in local government, but also that it is being applied with real skill and thoughtfulness. Councils have learned lessons from technology projects in the past, and are increasingly using agile and flexible project management approaches to implementation, belying the myth that the public sector cannot effectively implement change supported by information technology.


There are over 50 examples highlighted in this report showing over £41 million of direct savings:

Transforming public services, using technology and digital tools and approaches

There are also separate, more-detailed case studies for  projects featured in the report.