Efficiency opportunities through health and social care integration: delivering more sustainable health and care

Practical examples of how to achieve savings through health and social care integration

While there is general agreement that the current system of health and care is unsustainable, there is still debate as to how the system might be improved. The LGA ran a project to contribute to that discussion by providing evidence of the efficiency opportunities in the health and care system, so helping leaders to release much needed resources and inform the debate as to what a more sustainable system might look like in the future.

Newton Europe undertook a detailed diagnostic exercise in the participating areas to explore how people in need of help are managed within the current health and care system. This identified the opportunities for, and the challenges inherent in, delivering better outcomes at less cost. The findings and opportunities emerging from this study have been identified by working alongside practitioners and clinicians in these areas.

The final report shares findings from the five participating areas and shares practical examples of how councils and local partners can make savings by developing more integrated models of health and care, and critically, the key factors required in the approach to making that change successfully locally.

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