Final reflections

This report sets out some lessons from the experience of the Trailblazers to date structured around the questions that were explored in workshops at the Trailblazer Assembly.

Looking forward, there are two additional issues which may be worth exploring over the coming year. They are:

  • What can we learn from areas where progress is slow? What does this tell us about the application of the test and learn approach and how it can be applied in practice?
  • What needs to happen to ensure the sustainability of this work? What steps are places taking to embed this work, so it continues when the Trailblazer programme comes to an end?

There are three further questions which the Trailblazers may wish to address.

They are:

  • As the hospitality sector begins to open up, how can areas start new conversations with food businesses about healthy food offers?
  • How can the health sector play a greater role in wider system change in order to tackle wider childhood obesity?
  • ¬†Is there more to be done to engage schools and other educational settings in action on childhood obesity?

Links to published learning

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