Mental health

Councils have a range of duties and responsibilities to promote the health and wellbeing of their residents. Our wide ranging publications, case studies and resources help support portfolio holders to promote people’s mental health and wellbeing and reduce known risk factors.

Must knows for portfolio holders

The 'Must knows' are a long-standing source of information and support for lead members. The suite of information focusses on key issues for portfolio holders, including young people's mental health, suicide prevention and loneliness.

Our latest Must Know, 'A whole household approach to young people's mental health' sets out why a whole household approach to young people's mental health is crucial, recognising the roles parents, carers or siblings can play. 

COVID-19 resources

Whilst we saw an increase in neighbourliness and volunteering at the start of the pandemic, the impact of the restrictions, isolation and trauma experienced will have had a huge effect on the mental health of some residents. 

COVID-19 has also exacerbated existing inequalities, our new publication, 'A Perfect Storm - health inequalities and the impact of COVID-19' deep dives into how people already experiencing health inequalities will be at greater risk. 

Resources to support children's mental health 

Local authorities have a vital role in helping children have mentally healthy childhoods and championing preventive approaches, moving away from only treating children once they are diagnosed with a mental illness.

Case studies

From redesigning bridges to help prevent suicide to helping young people express their feelings, our case studies provide a source of inspiration and chance to learn from other councils.