NHS collaborative peer support offer for local systems

We've teamed up with NHS Providers, NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC), the NHS Confederation and their ICS network to offer a range of free, bespoke support for local health and care systems. Our aim is for local partners to forge new collaborative partnerships, build shared understanding and agree their collective next steps.

What is the peer support offer?

Building on two successful phases of peer support, we are offering a menu of peer support tailored to the needs of your local partnership. This includes one-to-one peer mentoring, peer-facilitated workshops and peer reviews of your system working (all of which can take place online). Requests for peer-led support can be made and delivered at any level, whether that be system, place or locality. 

Why choose us?

Jointly, our four organisations bring together expertise from providers of NHS care, local authorities and local commissioners, making us uniquely qualified and equipped to help you build effective relationships across organisational boundaries.

What can we help you achieve?

  • Progress partnership working at system, place and neighbourhood level through developing shared purpose, priorities, capabilities and governance arrangements.
  • Create a compelling narrative that sets out a shared vision with aligned priorities and commitment by all system partners to achieve better outcomes, building a case for further integration.
  • Identify and agree joint plans which may include how to share resources, explore new models of care or adopt an assets-based approach to service design and delivery which understands the local population need and resources. 
  • Address the wider determinants of health, creating the opportunities for health improvement, tackling health inequalities and promoting prevention
  • Successfully navigate legislative, performance and regulatory changes and challenges, as well as embedding gains made during COVID-19.

Find out more about each aspect of the offer and how we could help your local system: